About me

I’m Wendy, full time wife to my husband and part time stay at home mom to a 2 1/2 year old little boy who is the absolute light of our lives.We live in a small town in western South Dakota. We’re not quite at the edge of the earth, but you can see it from here. Despite our rural issues and lack of some conveniences, I wouldn’t choose anywhere else to live. Well, unless it was a whole lot warmer.

I knit, I sew, I quilt, and I tackle home improvement projects with no fear. Most of the time that approach works out pretty well. The rest of the time, well, at least it’s entertaining. I decided it was time to take pity on my Facebook friends and start a blog so I can ramble freely about the things that are on my mind.

I thought briefly about doing this as a knitting blog, but three things stopped me. One, I’m not that prolific or accomplished of a knitter to make that interesting. Two, I have lots of other stuff I want to ramble about and don’t want to limit myself. And three, there are two other Wendys that I know of who have wonderful knitting blogs, and I think three would be a little much, even for the great big internet.

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